[NOTICE] Server Merge (3/23 UTC & 3/22 PDT)


Greetings, Admirals!

We would like to announce to you that we are going to merge servers.​

Please read the details below for you to join the new battlefield.

■ Schedule

- The servers will be merged during the maintenance on 3/23 UTC (3/22 PDT).​

- You will automatically relocated and playing on the merged server after the maintenance is completed.​

■ Servers

- Server 1042 & Server 1047 will be merged.

※ The merged Server will maintain the name of the server that was created first.

■ Details

[City Conquest]

- The Merged servers will be available to join City Conquest from March 26th, 15:00 UTC (08:00 PDT) for [Rio de Janeiro / Jakarta / Portsmouth]

- The State of all Cities will be changed to Vacant once the servers have been merged.

  > City TITANIUM Islands will be available once the City Conquest for [Rio de Janeiro / Jakarta / Portsmouth] ends

  > Buffs obtained from previously occupied Cities will be removed.

 ※ Because collecting from the City TITANIUM Islands becomes unavailable for a period of time, we will provide TITANIUM Collection Buffs as rewards.

[Base of Operation Conquest]

-The State of the Base of Operation will be changed to Vacant.

  > The buffs obtained from the previous occupation of the Base of Operation, such as Absolute Order and Governance Buffs, will be removed.

  > All skin rewards obtained previously from the Base of Operation Conquest will be deactivated once the servers are merged.

[World War]

- The Merged server will not be available to join the World War starting after the server merge.

 > From the next World War, the servers will be available to participate.

- If one of the merging servers is currently being governed by another server, the governed status will be removed.

  > Tax collection & Tribute will not be available once the server status resets.

  > All skin rewards obtained previously from the World War will be deactivated.​


- Details below will not be changed.

  > Alliance Name & Abbreviation

  > Alliance Contribution Quest Progress

  > Alliance Research

  > Alliance Building

  > Amount of Alliance Research Supported and Alliance Building Supported.

  > The number of resources in the alliance depot.

- All Alliance buildings will be collected once the servers have merged, but the points spent on the buildings will be restored for Alliances to use to rebuild those buildings.

[Base Relocation]

- The base will be relocated randomly once you log-in.

 ※ We will provide a “Base Relocation Ticket (Select)” so that you can move your base to where you want.


- All in-game Mail will remain the same except the Battle Reports.

  > All Battle Reports will be removed.

 ※ All in-game Mail content will remain except for the Battle Reports. We still recommend that you claim all the items from your Mail before the Server Merge.

[Daily Event]

- The points obtained before the server merge will be applied to the new server, and Ranking will be reevaluated after the server merge.

[Deployed Units]

- All deployed Units will automatically return.

- Deployed Aircraft Carriers will automatically return.


- The status of ongoing upgrades, research, build, etc. will remain the same.


- All chat will reset.

- Bookmarked coordinates will reset.

- All the Trade Info of all cities will reset.

※ The server merge details are subject to change.

We will always do our absolute best to provide the best game service for our Admirals.

Thank you.​