[NOTICE] Developer's Notes (8/19 PDT & UTC)


Greetings, Admirals!

We would like to inform our Admirals about the update contents and various news that many of you have been waiting for. 

Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict as a Play and Earn Game, we consider the preservation of MILICO value as a top priority and conduct various trials with in-depth analysis. Also, we aim for a direction where lots of our Admirals can grow and compete in the game while having the fun of Play and the value of Earn.

In addition, as well as making it easier to obtain TITANIUM, which is used as the main resource in the game, various improvements have been made so that TITANIUM requirement does not interfere with your smooth gameplay.
However, it was very difficult to maintain the perfect balance between TITANIUM production and consumption since TITANIUM is smelted into MILICO at a certain exchange rate and the value of TITANIUM is closely linked with the value of MILICO. 

Game accounts called bots with only the purpose of obtaining TITANIUM have appeared in the game.
Even though we actively respond to the abnormal players, large amount of TITANIUM & MILICO have been supplied and it has become more difficult to maintain the appropriate level of value, which is contrary to our intention.

Considering the circumstances so far, we have decided that a major change is necessary.
Through the renewal of the MILICO creation system, we plan to take various measures to maintain the value of MILICO.

■ Renewal of MILCO Creation System

First of all, the biggest purpose of this renewal of the MILCO creation system is to ensure that a fixed amount of MILICOs will be supplied daily and to stabilize the MILICO value.

MILICO has been exchanged with TITANIUM at a certain rate so far. 
However, through the change, all Admirals will be able to invest as much TITANIUM as they want, and the number of allocated TITANIUM will be determined depending on their TITANIUM investment share.

Particularly in the renewed system, we will not put any limit on the number of obtainable MILICOs.
Unlike before, the number of daily obtainable MILICOs is limited, there will be the advantage of getting lots of MILICOs in a single day if you have high TITANIUM investment share.    

A new item [Certificate] will be added that can be exchanged 1:1 with MILICO.
You will be able to receive [Certificates] according to your TITANIUM investment share.

With the renewal, various contents, which allow you to acquire valuable items/buffs with the [Certificate] items, will be updated.
And, you can also exchange MILICO purchased in Wemix Wallet to Certificates if you need them more.

Please refer to that TITANIUM Market system will be removed with the update and various contents for TITANIUM & Certificate item will be continuously updated.

We expect that the [Certificate] item with the same value as MILICO would be used in various ways and maintained stably as the result of your gameplays.

To preserve the value of MILICO and update contents that can create a good synergy effect in the diversity of gameplay, we are constantly working hard.

Please give us your constant support and anticipation for the upcoming update on 8/25.

This is the end of the August Developer's Notes, and we will get back to you again with various news.
Thank you.