[NOTICE] World War Skipped due to Lunar New Year


Greeting Admirals, 

We hope the first month of the New Year has been filled with excitement and joy! 

With the month of February already upon us, some of us are getting ready to celebrate Lunar New Year on February 10th 2024. 

With that being said, the Lunar New Year holiday is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in many regions of the world. 

It’s a holiday where travel is abundant, and families get together to invite love, providence, and fortune for the upcoming year with each other. 

And because Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict is a game enjoyed together, with Admirals from around the world, we would like to celebrate this day with everyone. 

Because we wish that all our Admirals would have the joy of being able to partake in the standard fares of Lunar New Year joys: Travel, delicious meals, and other family traditions, we would like to ensure that those who do celebrate the Lunar New Year get a chance to celebrate with family and friends. 

Just as we’d postponed a Tourney event that had unfortunately landed on New Year’s Day a while back, we will be postponing the scheduled World War on the 2/9 ~ 2/10 PST (2/10 ~ 2/11 UTC) and will resume on the following, scheduled date. 

Although we will be skipping the much-anticipated World War date, we have prepared lots of in-game events and celebrations for you all to enjoy! 


See you in-game Admiral!